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Vietnam travel health

Travellers tend to worry about contracting infectious diseases when in the tropics, but infections are a rare cause of serious illness or death in travellers. Pre-existing medical conditions such as heart disease, and accidental injury (especially traffic accidents), account for most life-threatening problems. Becoming ill in some way, however, is a relatively common thing. Fortunately, most common illnesses can either be prevented with some common-sense behaviour or be treated easily with a well-stocked traveller’s medical kit.

Heath care in Vietnam

Health issues and the quality of medical facilities vary enormously depending o­n where and how you travel in Vietnam. Many of the major cities are now very well developed, although travel to rural areas can expose you to a variety of health risks and inadequate medical care.

Some international hospitals/clinics in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (American, French and German doctors o­n staff)

In Hanoi: (tel code: 84-4)

  • Hanoi French Hospital
    1 Phuong Mai Str.
    Tel: 577-1100, emergency: 574-1111
  • Family Medical Practice
    Unit 109-112, Van Phuc, Blog A1, Kim Ma Str.
    Tel: 843-0748 (24hours))
  • International SOS
    31 Hai Ba Trung Str.
    Tel: 934-0666, emergency: 934-0555
  • Vietnam-Korea Friendship Hospital
    12 Chu Van An Str.
    Tel: 843-7231

In Ho Chi Minh City: (tel code: 84-8)

  • International SOS
    65, Nguyen Du Str.
    Tel: 829-8520, emergency: 829-8424
  • Saigon International Clinic
    8 Alexandre de Rhodes Str., District 1
    Tel: 823-8888
  • Gia Dinh International Hospital
    1 Trang Long Str., Bin Thanh District
    Tel: 803-0678
  • Franco Vietnamese Hospital
    6 Nguyen Luong Bang Str., District 7
    Tel: 411-3333

Resources of Health Advice for Travellers

Read the  General considerations about International Travel & Health, including these issues:

  • Travel-related risks
  • Medical consultation before travel
  • Medical kit and toilet items
  • Travellers with pre-existing medical conditions and special needs
  • Insurance for travellers
  • Role of travel industry professionals
  • Responsibility of the traveller
  • Medical examination after travel
(Source: World Health Organization (WHO)

Government’s travel-health websites:  AustraliaCanadaUKUS


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