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Advice for disable travellers

Vietnam is not the easiest of places for disable travellers. Typical problems include the crazy traffic, a lack of pedestrian footpaths, a lack of lifts in smaller hotels and the ubiquitous squat toilets.

You should find a reliable company to make travel arrangements and don’t be afraid to double-check things with hotels and restaurants yourself. In the major cities, many three to five-star hotels (two-star one in some case) have lifts and disable access is improving. Bus and train travel is not really geared up for disable travellers, but a private vehicle with a driver can let you go almost anywhere.

Remember that anything is possible. Vietnamese are always willing to help you.

You might try contacting the following organizations:

Mobility International USA
Tel: 54-1343 1284

Royal Association for Disability & Rehabilitation (RADAR)
Tel: 020-7250 3222

Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality (SATH)
Tel: 212-447 7248


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